Wednesday, June 15, 2011

And Now Presenting....

Season two at Westminster Farmers' Market. Last week, we did "Baby Beebee Bobby Bird" with four Hertel Farm ducklings alongside. They really added to the "zoo" effect we need. I'm looking forward to presenting more new stories and getting the kids involved and engaged. And I'm also looking forward to buying a lot of fruit and vegetables after the show!

I've applied to Kickstarter for funding and hope this comes through. One of my goals with Button Box is to nurture creativity in all kids. Putting on a puppet takes little effort, yet can transform a child in an instant. Having the theater so close to the kids -- using available props, like vegetables from a vendor, along with the props I have in the puppet bag really has an impact. 

As a School Committee member in Fitchburg, I'm very concerned about the arts in our schools and I'm grateful to report that we are dedicated to having an arts-comprehensive offering for kids. The Fitchburg Arts Academy has had a waiting list this year; kids in middle-school are doing surprising perspective drawing, and the talent on view during performance is great. Button Box is for all ages, but I find I have the most impact on ages 1 to 12. Especially the 3, 4, 5, 6 year old set. They still know there's magic (which some adults do forget!) and that the world opens up in a story. 

So......I'm looking for fiscal support for the project and offer some "preems" (as they say at Longsjo Classic bike race). 

$10 will include your name in my newsletter which is handed to all adult audience members

$25 includes name in newsletter and a shadow puppet

$50 includes name in newsletter, 3 shadow puppets and a line on the "marquee" side of theater

$100 includes line on marquee as a "benefactor," newsletter mention, and a custom-made puppet. 

I will ask you what kind of puppet you'd like (wizard, princess, traveller, mad scientist, artist, explorer, geologist) and I look forward to making these! Email me at for more info. 

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fitchburg Farmers' Market and sponsors

Thank you to Workers' Credit Union for support. And we are also now at Fitchburg Farmers' Market at Crocker Field on Thursdays from 3 pm onward. This week, we add a new story: The Baby Beebeebobby Bird. 

Friday, June 25, 2010

at Westminster Farmers' Market

Exciting news -- Workers' Credit Union has signed on to help sponsor Button Box Shadow Theatre performances this summer in Fitchburg and Westminster. Also, we are available for birthday parties. We can do a 25 minute show (best for ages 4 and up) for $35 and a piece of birthday cake. This includes having the kids do their own puppet show when we're done.  If your town is contiguous to Fitchburg, give me a call at 978 407 6482. Now booking through August. Here we are in Westminster a week ago!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Button Box Theatre

We will be performing at the Westminster Farmers' Market on Fridays, around 4 pm. Come down and see some entertaining and unusual stories! These are puppets from Puss In Boots.